An Overview of Different Types of Buckle Plates for Stahl Folding Machines

Stahl Folding Machines
Stahl Folding Machines

Buckle plates play an integral role in the folding process. They are responsible for ensuring greater quality, shorter set up times, and increased production efficiency. Here’s an insight on the different varieties of buckle plates available for new & Used Stahl Folding Machines.

  1. Small format

This serves as the ideal solution for processing miniature foldings. In fact, it is also capable of processing products having a fold length of just about 35 millimeters.

  1. Buckle plate with swing deflector

This may be used as either a sheet deflector or buckle plate. Thanks to the handwheel, the position and angle of the sheet stop may be adjusted precisely. Even if it is used as a sheet deflector, the sheet stop remains exactly in its position.

  1. Pneumatic Gate fold

This enables print shops to produce a range of three-fold gate fold products. There is the digital control module ACC 2.4, which is responsible for ensuring the exact switching time and pneumatic opening & closing of the deflector profile. Running at a speed of 15,000 cycles per hour, this is the perfect equipment for large run lengths. With the help of spindles, it positions the sheet stop at its precise position, that too with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters.

  1. Combination

These buckle plates help the print shops to experience shorter set-up times, whilst lessening the burden for the operators. This is possible because the activity of switching from the sheet deflector to the buckle plate may be carried out without moving the buckle plate from the folding machine. They also facilitate carrying out of precise adjustments in the various buckle spaces, such as pre-tension and clearance.

  1. Motor-driven combination

These come equipped with two spindle drives that enable parallel movement of the sheet stop as well as motor-driven corrections of angle and deflector. They also enable storing of adjustments, which may be retrieved at any time in case of repeat jobs.

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Different Types of Feeders That May Be Configured with Stahl Folding Machines

Feeders are important components of the folding machine. They make the job of the operator much easier by facilitating quick changeovers of format and jobs. This eventually translates into higher production efficiency as well. Feeders may be of different types, some of which have been described below.

Used Stahl Folding Machines

Flat Pile Feeders

These serve as an ideal solution for small to medium runs, especially where there is a requirement of frequent folding job changeovers. Thanks to the lateral blowers, sheet separation is simple and flawless. Format changeover may also be carried out with much ease. Then there is the polyurethane coated suction wheel and the Airstream Table, which promise continuous feeding and registration prior to the transfer of sheets into the first folding unit.

For those having Used Stahl Folding Machines, the non-stop feeder NSF 36 along with flat pile feeder is the perfect pick. This would ensure smooth & seamless operations, particularly in the case of smaller formats.

Round Continuous Feeders

These cater to medium to large run lengths, and are responsible for ensuring continuous loading of sheets into the folding unit. In fact, in terms of performance, they produce 20% more output, as compared to the flat pile feeder. Be it wavy papers or pre-cut sheets, they ensure reliable processing of all of them. Registration and transfer of sheets are carried out via the Airsteam Table. The long loading table allows for stacking of huge quantities of sheets. The stacking height capacity of 94 cms enables the operators to align the stock in a shingled stream. The result is that one can build a pre-separated stream of sheets on the loading table itself.

Pallet feeder

In this case, there is no need to pre-stack the sheets, since it allows for direct transportation of the sheets from the press into the feeder of new & used Stahl folding machines. This enables the print shops to focus more on the quality and seamless unloading of the output. Offering a loading height of a whopping 1.20 metres, these machines are perfect for large print formats across all types of run lengths.

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All You Wanted to Know About the Product Range of New & Used Stahl Folding Machines

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Stahl Folding Machines The folding machines play an integral part in the finishing process of the printing procedure. Outfitted with folding stations and buckle plates, they offer a wide range of functions for producing flyers, brochures, booklets, user instructions, and packaging inserts. Here’s all you wanted to know about the different variants of New & Used Stahl Folding Machines:

Stahlfolder TI

The TI range of machines primarily caters to the small and medium formats, particularly the 50 x 70 cm format class. Featuring three folding stations and a maximum of six buckle plates, these machines are fully adept to produce complex tasks with ease and reliability. Then there is the Compact Control Technology digital machine control system which ensures fast changeover. This equipment is capable of performing even the smallest of fold lengths, including those required for mini-booklets.

Stahlfolder BH/CH

The BH/CH series offers a modular platform for producing high quality signatures, books, and commercial products. While the BH range is a buckle plate machine, the CH range constitutes combination systems. There is an array of automated functions that make for easy handling and faster makeready times. The equipment can store the settings for 300 jobs, thus accounting for shorter setup time for repeat tasks. Outfitted with a central touch screen that renders ease of operation, they also bring on board pneumatic gate fold bucket plate for increased cycling rates of 15000 cycles per hour.

Stahlfolder TK/KH

Extremely futuristic in its performance, the TK/KH range of equipment provides utmost flexibility and reliability to print shop owners. These state-of-the-art machines trigger faster setups, enhance postpress productivity, and render great support to operators. Some of the features of this product range include tremat sheet separator, sheet ejection with contactless monitoring, central control console, and intelligent digital slave controllers.

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