Digital UV, Screen, Offset Printing – Which One to Choose?

Second Hand Offset Printing Machines

Be it digital UV, screen, or offset printing, each process is unique, and delivers high quality finishing across a variety of substrates. The decision of choosing the right process will primarily depend upon the material used and the finishing requirements. Of course, each one requires its own set-up of equipment and accessories. For purchasing second hand offset printing machines of international brands, one may get in touch with Printoholic, a leading importer & dealer of presses.  

Digital UV (Ultraviolet)

This is an environment-friendly process, which involves the use of UV lighting for drying up the UV ink on the material. UV ink reacts instantly to UV light, thereby quickening the drying process. The end result is vibrant color on the material that is resistant to scratch and abrasion. Further, the UV ink is durable too. This procedure can be applied on practically any type of substrate.


This is the ideal procedure to be followed if printing needs to be carried out on cloth, plastic, glass, or metal. It involves the use of a screen/mesh to transfer the ink and imprint the required images onto the material. On applying pressure to the mesh, the ink is forced to be transferred to the surface. In case of multiple colors, various layers of mesh are used to enable colors to be printed separately. Post curing, the ink remains adhered to the material, thereby rendering it a long-lasting functionality. This method is ideal for simple designs and bulk quantities.


This procedure is widely used for producing magazines, flyers, brochures, and other visual communication materials. It consists of an assembly line, which has multiple printers in a row, through which the pages are passed for printing various colors. The good part is that the ink does not get disheveled even if the page is folded. It makes use of ink instead of solvents, and can process all formats, be it small, medium, or large.

For buying branded Used offset Printing Machines in India, the go-to destination is Printoholic. This company keeps a stock of various presses, peripheral equipment, and accessories. Here’s An Overview of Different Types of Buckle Plates for Stahl Folding Machines.

An Overview of Different Types of Buckle Plates for Stahl Folding Machines

Stahl Folding Machines
Stahl Folding Machines

Buckle plates play an integral role in the folding process. They are responsible for ensuring greater quality, shorter set up times, and increased production efficiency. Here’s an insight on the different varieties of buckle plates available for new & Used Stahl Folding Machines.

  1. Small format

This serves as the ideal solution for processing miniature foldings. In fact, it is also capable of processing products having a fold length of just about 35 millimeters.

  1. Buckle plate with swing deflector

This may be used as either a sheet deflector or buckle plate. Thanks to the handwheel, the position and angle of the sheet stop may be adjusted precisely. Even if it is used as a sheet deflector, the sheet stop remains exactly in its position.

  1. Pneumatic Gate fold

This enables print shops to produce a range of three-fold gate fold products. There is the digital control module ACC 2.4, which is responsible for ensuring the exact switching time and pneumatic opening & closing of the deflector profile. Running at a speed of 15,000 cycles per hour, this is the perfect equipment for large run lengths. With the help of spindles, it positions the sheet stop at its precise position, that too with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters.

  1. Combination

These buckle plates help the print shops to experience shorter set-up times, whilst lessening the burden for the operators. This is possible because the activity of switching from the sheet deflector to the buckle plate may be carried out without moving the buckle plate from the folding machine. They also facilitate carrying out of precise adjustments in the various buckle spaces, such as pre-tension and clearance.

  1. Motor-driven combination

These come equipped with two spindle drives that enable parallel movement of the sheet stop as well as motor-driven corrections of angle and deflector. They also enable storing of adjustments, which may be retrieved at any time in case of repeat jobs.

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Different Types of Feeders That May Be Configured with Stahl Folding Machines

Feeders are important components of the folding machine. They make the job of the operator much easier by facilitating quick changeovers of format and jobs. This eventually translates into higher production efficiency as well. Feeders may be of different types, some of which have been described below.

Used Stahl Folding Machines

Flat Pile Feeders

These serve as an ideal solution for small to medium runs, especially where there is a requirement of frequent folding job changeovers. Thanks to the lateral blowers, sheet separation is simple and flawless. Format changeover may also be carried out with much ease. Then there is the polyurethane coated suction wheel and the Airstream Table, which promise continuous feeding and registration prior to the transfer of sheets into the first folding unit.

For those having Used Stahl Folding Machines, the non-stop feeder NSF 36 along with flat pile feeder is the perfect pick. This would ensure smooth & seamless operations, particularly in the case of smaller formats.

Round Continuous Feeders

These cater to medium to large run lengths, and are responsible for ensuring continuous loading of sheets into the folding unit. In fact, in terms of performance, they produce 20% more output, as compared to the flat pile feeder. Be it wavy papers or pre-cut sheets, they ensure reliable processing of all of them. Registration and transfer of sheets are carried out via the Airsteam Table. The long loading table allows for stacking of huge quantities of sheets. The stacking height capacity of 94 cms enables the operators to align the stock in a shingled stream. The result is that one can build a pre-separated stream of sheets on the loading table itself.

Pallet feeder

In this case, there is no need to pre-stack the sheets, since it allows for direct transportation of the sheets from the press into the feeder of new & used Stahl folding machines. This enables the print shops to focus more on the quality and seamless unloading of the output. Offering a loading height of a whopping 1.20 metres, these machines are perfect for large print formats across all types of run lengths.

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Accessories by Bobst for Your Printing Press

Those searching for a dealer of used offset printing machines in Delhi may get in touch with Printoholic.

used offset printing machine
used offset printing machines in Delhi

If you’re looking to boost the quality of the output delivered from your new or Used Offset Printing Machines in Delhi, then Bobst has the answer to all your requirements. This renowned print equipment manufacturer offers a comprehensive array of machine improvements that enhance the performance as well as the productivity of the machine.

Pile Turner
The efficient and sturdy Pile Turner comes equipped with a rotation system which can turn in a pile of sheets in mere 30 seconds! It removes the dust and aligns the sheets so that they can be fed easily into the machine. Since it is fully programmable, hence it makes the whole process of sheet feeding much easier and faster.

Used Bobst Die Cutting MachinesAnvil Grinding
Installing the programmable anvil grinding into the Used Bobst Die Cutting Machines ensures precise machining. This grinding shaft is about 2400mm in length and comes outfitted with 54 blades. It also consists of sensors, solenoid valves, and cylinder for correct positioning of the shaft. Thanks to the touchscreen, controlling the grinding process is at one’s fingertips.

Air Pre-Filters
Carved from metal grille, and containing two hinges & synthetic foam filter, this air pre-filter device helps in getting rid of unnecessary particles. It may be placed just on top of the standard air filter in the press. With the Bobst air pre-filter, there’s no need to worry about frequent cleaning of the standard filter.

Oil Cleaner
Everyone would agree that maintaining the quality of oil enhances productivity. This filtration device traps & eliminates dirty particles, water, acid, and oxidation, so that the machine can run with fine quality of oil. This results in lesser machine stoppages, and, of course, reduced maintenance costs.

Chase Changer
This is the best way to quicken makeready times. This pivoting presetting table may be placed right in front of the platen. While the machine is running, the next job can be set up on the chase changer.

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Offset Printing Terminologies Explained

Those on the lookout of used offset printing machines in India may get in touch with Printoholic.

While buying new or Used offset Printing Machines in India, it is important that one is aware of the essential terminologies used in this industry. An understanding of these terms can be of immense help at the time of dealing with an Offset Printing Machines Importer in India. Here’s a sneak peek:


In simple terms, a signature refers to the single printed product that comes out from a press. It may consist of several pages. Similar to handwritten signatures, each signature generated from the offset press is also different from one another and each one of them bears a distinct unit configuration. Those aspiring to purchase Second Hand Offset Printing Machines in India may contact Printoholic, a reputed Offset Press Machines Importer and Dealer in India. In fact, it is the Biggest Offset Printing Machines Dealer in India.


When Offset Printing Machines complete one full revolution, they are said to complete an impression. It is important to note here that one impression may comprise several signatures. It is always advisable to generate as many signatures as possible in a single impression, as this will ensure saving of time and resources.

Press Check

Similar to a quality check, which is carried out in manufacturing activities, a press check involves checking and approval of the signature by the customer. Generally, a customer assesses whether the finished product conforms to the requirements of color, fold, and other attributes.


This implies the time taken to set up the machine for producing the required task. Thanks to technological advancements, today, offset press machines come outfitted with presets, thus offering shorter makeready times. Of course, mounting the plates and paper will need some time. If one is on the lookout of hi-tech and branded Used Offset Printing Machines in Delhi, then they may also avail the services of Printoholic. It is an eminent Offset Machines Dealer in Delhi.

These are only a few of the basic terms used by pressmen and salesmen. Before beginning to interact with the salesmen, one needs to determine whether one is in need of a Coldset press or a heatset press. While in the former, the ink dries through evaporation, in the latter case, ink is made to dry through a dryer. Here’s some more information on Things to Remember While Working on an Offset Printing Press.

Things to Remember While Working on an Offset Printing Press

Those aspiring to buy Heidelberg MOV may get in touch with Printoholic, the country’s most trusted dealer of imported machinery.


While carrying out tasks on an offset printing unit, one needs to check a variety of things, starting from the condition of the machine, to the quality of raw materials, and much more.  Here are just some of the pointers that will ensure that one achieves the best results:

  1. Check roller settings

To start with, one needs to check the roller settings and ensure that they have been set as per the specifications listed out in the manual of the offset printing machines.

  1. Proper ink and water balance

There are so many problems that may occur due to an improper ink and water balance. One needs to remember that increased water always triggers piling. Again, low water may also enhance piling, simply because it would encourage deposit of ink particles on the blanket.  Hence, an optimum balance needs to be attained between the two factors. If one can carry this out successfully, one can surely avoid problems such as scumming, piling, and several others.

  1. Gumming of plates

At times, the plates are extremely sensitive; hence, it is important to make sure that they are being gummed properly.  It is a good idea to gum the plates, whenever the press is not being used for a considerable period of time.

  1. Paper quality

Printing is carried out on all varieties of paper depending upon the requirements of the customer. However, there are some papers that are uncoated, which makes the press easily deliver up to a lakh of copies without causing the blanket to undergo piling. On the other hand, coated papers can produce build up on the blanket merely after the press has delivered 30,000 copies. This is primarily because coated paper cannot absorb water and ink, thus leaving them to pile up on the blanket. Further, use of abrasive paper may damage the plates.

  1. Quality of Ink 

Though ink is accountable for only 3% of the cost, but it contributes to almost 97% of the quality.  It is for this reason that one should always make use of good offset printing ink. One needs to speak to the ink manufacturer to ascertain the water pickup value of the ink.

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A Guide to Solving Problems Caused by Offset Printing Ink

Those on the lookout to buy offset printing machines may contact Printoholic, an eminent dealer of printing equipment.


There are various aspects that go hand in hand in producing good quality printing on new & used offset printing machines. Ink is just one of these components. While working with offset printing ink, one may encounter a number of problems, such as high dot gain, piling, ghosting, scumming, doubling, slurring, non-gear streaks, and many more. Let’s have a look at some of these issues and their related solutions:

  1. High Dot Gain

This may be caused by two reasons – low viscosity of ink or improper balance of ink & water. In the first case, one may opt for increasing the viscosity, which may render an improved quality. Alternatively, one may also go for a complete change of the ink. In the second case, it is advisable to run minimum water and the minimum ink for attaining the proper density. At times, owing to specific properties of the ink, it may not create a proper balance with water. Hence, one should ensure to take a certificate of analysis from the ink manufacturer and make a note of the values that may suggest its water pickup attributes. Of course, high dot gain may also occur as a result of improper pressure settings, chemistry, or even plates.

  1. Piling

Poor ink and water balance is one of the major reasons behind piling on an offset printing press. To correct this, one may make use of anti piling agents that may be added to the fountain. One may also consider running the water just above the minimum level.  Poor quality of the paper may also cause the occurrence of piling.

  1. Low Ink Mileage

There may be several factors triggering this problem, such as high density of ink, rapid penetration into the paper, and low pigment strength. To avoid this scenario, one should ensure usage of quality ink and paper. Further, one needs to make sure to run only the required density and minimal amount of water.

Of course, there are several other problems that one may face in this aspect. Those in search of used offset printing machines in good condition may get in touch with Printoholic, the country’s largest dealer of printing equipment. Here’s a guide on Which One to Buy? Offset or Digital Machine from Importer of Printing Machine in Delhi.

All You Wanted to Know About the Future of Second Hand Offset Printing Machines in India

Those on the lookout of used offset printing machines may contact printoholic, one of the largest offset printing machines importer in India.  

Offset Printing Machines

Those in the printing press industry would often hear statements about offset printing fading into the sunset. Several people opine that the fact that customers want shorter run lengths has triggered an increase in the use of digital printing solutions. However, contrary to the common belief, the offset printing technology is here to stay and it does offer more considerable benefits than any other technology in India. Here’s a brief insight that justifies the bright future of this technology, which was founded way back in 1903.

Perfect for high volume printings

New and Used offset printing machines make use of plates which transfer the image to a rubber blanket. Post that, the image is rolled onto a sheet of paper. Since the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper, the method works out to be a feasible solution for printing a massive number of copies.

Clean Printing

The good news is that it also delivers stunning colored reproduction and that too with finesse! The end product appears clean and professional! Detail-oriented and clarity are the other benefits to look out for! All this becomes possible primarily because during the process, the ink touches precisely those areas which need to be printed, while the rest of the sections are covered with a thin film of water, which aids in repelling the unwanted ink.

Cost effective

Since it is capable of printing high volumes, it positively impacts the cost too! It is, by far, the most cost-effective method of printing!

Customized solutions

This printing technology also offers customized finishing, and provides customers with a wide range of special ink & colors to choose from. Further, it also works on different varieties of paper. 

Considering the above factors, offset is still the most viable solution, for high-quality and voluminous printing. In fact, it was never meant to cater to the requirements of short run lengths. Hence, the section of the market, which has been captured by digital printing, is only the part which offset never really wanted to address.

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