Digital UV, Screen, Offset Printing – Which One to Choose?

Second Hand Offset Printing Machines

Be it digital UV, screen, or offset printing, each process is unique, and delivers high quality finishing across a variety of substrates. The decision of choosing the right process will primarily depend upon the material used and the finishing requirements. Of course, each one requires its own set-up of equipment and accessories. For purchasing second hand offset printing machines of international brands, one may get in touch with Printoholic, a leading importer & dealer of presses.  

Digital UV (Ultraviolet)

This is an environment-friendly process, which involves the use of UV lighting for drying up the UV ink on the material. UV ink reacts instantly to UV light, thereby quickening the drying process. The end result is vibrant color on the material that is resistant to scratch and abrasion. Further, the UV ink is durable too. This procedure can be applied on practically any type of substrate.


This is the ideal procedure to be followed if printing needs to be carried out on cloth, plastic, glass, or metal. It involves the use of a screen/mesh to transfer the ink and imprint the required images onto the material. On applying pressure to the mesh, the ink is forced to be transferred to the surface. In case of multiple colors, various layers of mesh are used to enable colors to be printed separately. Post curing, the ink remains adhered to the material, thereby rendering it a long-lasting functionality. This method is ideal for simple designs and bulk quantities.


This procedure is widely used for producing magazines, flyers, brochures, and other visual communication materials. It consists of an assembly line, which has multiple printers in a row, through which the pages are passed for printing various colors. The good part is that the ink does not get disheveled even if the page is folded. It makes use of ink instead of solvents, and can process all formats, be it small, medium, or large.

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Some of the Fastest Offset Printing Presses in the World

Used Offset Printing Machines in Delhi

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In the context of printing presses, the word ‘speed’ may imply several things. It may mean the page count, feet per minute, or copies per hour.  Hence, it is difficult to determine which offset printing press is the fastest. Nevertheless, here is a run-down of some of the fastest offset machines, based on the number of copies they deliver in an hour. If one wants to buy any of these used offset printing machines in Delhi, then Printoholic is the place to go.

Mitsubishi Diamondstar

This press is capable of generating a whopping 90,000 copies per hour, which translates into 25 copies per second. While the web speed is 15 m/s, the cylinder revolutions per hour are 45,000.

KBA Compacta X18 Press

Similar to the Mitsubishi Diamondstar, this KBA machine can also generate 90,000 copies per hour and 25 copies in a second. It offers a web speed of 2,953 feet per minute, with 45000 cylinder revolutions in an hour.

Man Roland Lithoman

This machine surpasses the above two-mentioned machines, with its capability of processing one lac copies in an hour. In a second, it can generate 28 copies. It offers a web speed of 3000 feet per minute. In 60 minutes, it can make 50,000 revolutions.

Goss 3000 Sunday Press

The performance statistics of this machine are similar to that of the Roland Lithoman. In one minute, it can render 1,00,000 copies, and in one second it can generate 28 copies. Again, in one hour, it can make a maximum of 50,000 cylinder revolutions. Its web speed is said to be 3,000 feet per minute.

Wifag Oetwil

This press can process 70,000 copies in an hour, which implies that in one second, it can render 25 copies. While the cylinder revolutions made by it in an hour are 35,000, the web speed offered by it is 2900 feet per minute.

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