All You Wanted to Know About the Product Range of New & Used Stahl Folding Machines

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Stahl Folding Machines The folding machines play an integral part in the finishing process of the printing procedure. Outfitted with folding stations and buckle plates, they offer a wide range of functions for producing flyers, brochures, booklets, user instructions, and packaging inserts. Here’s all you wanted to know about the different variants of New & Used Stahl Folding Machines:

Stahlfolder TI

The TI range of machines primarily caters to the small and medium formats, particularly the 50 x 70 cm format class. Featuring three folding stations and a maximum of six buckle plates, these machines are fully adept to produce complex tasks with ease and reliability. Then there is the Compact Control Technology digital machine control system which ensures fast changeover. This equipment is capable of performing even the smallest of fold lengths, including those required for mini-booklets.

Stahlfolder BH/CH

The BH/CH series offers a modular platform for producing high quality signatures, books, and commercial products. While the BH range is a buckle plate machine, the CH range constitutes combination systems. There is an array of automated functions that make for easy handling and faster makeready times. The equipment can store the settings for 300 jobs, thus accounting for shorter setup time for repeat tasks. Outfitted with a central touch screen that renders ease of operation, they also bring on board pneumatic gate fold bucket plate for increased cycling rates of 15000 cycles per hour.

Stahlfolder TK/KH

Extremely futuristic in its performance, the TK/KH range of equipment provides utmost flexibility and reliability to print shop owners. These state-of-the-art machines trigger faster setups, enhance postpress productivity, and render great support to operators. Some of the features of this product range include tremat sheet separator, sheet ejection with contactless monitoring, central control console, and intelligent digital slave controllers.

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Which One to Buy? Offset or Digital Machine from Importer of Printing Machine in Delhi

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Printing Machine in DelhiOffset or digital? This is one question which crops in the minds of every entrepreneur who is on the threshold of buying a printing machine. There are several factors that influence the purchasing decision. Here is a ready reckoner, which one may follow while buying a printing press from a reputed Importer of Printing Machine in Delhi:

  1. Required Quantity

Offset printing is a great idea when the quantities required are massive. Digital production, on the other hand, is efficacious when the quantities demanded are less. Although offset requires more setup than digital, but once it is installed, it offers a minimal cost per piece or copy.

  1. Color Requirements

Be it digital or offset, colors are created with combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) colors. However, in addition to this 4-color process, offset also gives an option of adding Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. This color system ensures that one gets the precise color to meet the requirements.

  1. Number of variable elements in the project

If there are a number of variable elements, such as different versions, images, and data, then going digital may be a better way to approach the project. In the case of a digital press, one can produce 10 different postcards having different graphics and data, all on the same sheet of paper.

  1. Printing schedule of the project

If the project is large in quantity, but is required to be delivered in small divisions over a period of time, then offset is the most cost-effective method of accomplishing the goal. For instance, one needs the same 4000 mailers to be produced on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months. Producing 48000 mailers at one go will prove to be a more feasible solution, as compared to producing 4000 on a digital press every month.

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All You Wanted to Know About the Carbon Neutrality Concept in New & Used Heidelberg Printing Machines

Used Heidelberg Printing MachinesEveryone is aware that CO2 emissions are the major contributors to global warming. In the wake of such a pressing issue, Heidelberg pioneered the concept of Carbon Neutrality in all its prepress, press and postpress machines. Unveiled at Drupa 2012, this technology initiative from the house of Heidelberg caught everyone’s attention in the press industry. Here’s a quick overview of the concept, which also goes on to prove the company’s commitment towards sustainable development:

The Concept

Statistics reveal that while there are several greenhouse gases that account for climate change, carbon dioxide is the biggest culprit. There are also many CO2 equivalents that have been causing the damage. These gas emissions are a direct impact of burning fossil fuels. Heidelberg came up with the initiative to calculate the carbon footprint and subsequently neutralize the carbon gas emitted while manufacturing the machine. It achieves its goal of compensating the gas emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates. Heidelberg buys the certificates of Project Togo in Togo, West Africa, which is said to support a reforestation project.

Calculation of CO2 footprint of printing presses

After a lot of research and taking into account the international eco-balance standards, Heidelberg collaborated with the TU Darmstadt to establish a method for calculating the carbon footprint of printing presses. Several parameters were taken into account, such as energy consumption, transport, and the various materials with their specific CO2 footprint. Further, they also calculated the CO2 emissions occurred at the premises of the suppliers.

According to the calculation model, the manufacturing process of a Speedmaster XL 106-6+L gives out approximately 260 tons of carbon dioxide. Of course, this would vary depending upon the model of the equipment.

Certificate & Label

The company also has a certificate from The Fraunhofer Institut UMSICHT, which states that the company adheres to the rules for calculating the CO2 footprint for manufacturing its printing presses.

The “CO2 neutral” label can be seen beside the company logo on all new and Used Heidelberg Printing Machines.

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